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Guide to Summer Essentials for Babies and Kids

Summer Season

When you think of summer, what exactly is it that you think of? Bright early mornings and light warm nights? It is the summer time and that means time to kick back and enjoy yourself. It is that perfect time of the year where you can do so many things that you can do during no other season.

Kids absolutely love the summer for the fun it brings and the new opportunities. It is a time for ice creams and bbqs and plenty of happy memories.  Get out in the garden and put on some tunes or kick back and relax with a book. Of course this is what adults would love to do. The kids may demand a little more action than that, so if you find yourself in the middle of a water fight or making a mud pie, then do not be surprised!

Cute Rascals RuningOne of the first things that come to mind when you think about the summer is going to be the great outdoors. Walking woodland paths, biking and beach activities. Getting outdoors brings out a positive mental energy and a great state of mind. It is healthy and involving and includes everyone.

Getting out there in the open air is such a great thing to do. I am sure most kids would say however that the beach or pool are among their favorite things. There is so much for everyone to enjoy. Whether your kids prefer making sand castles, splashing in the water or they are old enough to enjoy water sports, they are all great summer activities. Finding sea shells and hunting in rock pools also give a great connection with the water.

The Summer Essentials For Kids:

Swimsuits & Trunks

Children Swimsuit TrunkOf course, kids really enjoy these activities and need the proper clothing to do it to the full. Swimming suits and trunks are pretty much essential wear for the sea. Unlike your average tees and shorts they provide so many extra benefits. They do not get soaked and heavy with water which makes them uncomfortable to wear. Then they become difficult to dry out, especially when being worn. With bathing suits and trunks, they are made from easy dry and stretchy materials that fit the contours of their body for the ultimate in comfort. This makes them so good to wear and avoids and soreness or chaffing of the skin which little ones can be prone to.

Choose ones with great patterns and designs that they will love wearing. If you will be spending a lot of time at the beach and in the water then you might want to consider getting them two. We have all experienced that feeling of putting a wet or damp bathing suit back on and this plan guarantees that they never need to have that feeling!


There are plenty of great extras to consider for outdoor play at the beach. Beach towels are very useful items. With lovely patterns and designs, they are appealing to young ones. They are also super soft and comfortable, so great for lying on the sand, especially if it isn’t the softest or finest version. Beach towels a high absorbency, drawing water away from your skin. They are easy to wash and dry but when you are taking them home with wet bathing suits, they can soak your bag.

A beach bag is a great solution to this. They typically have a waterproof inside layer or are completely waterproof and are therefore easy to carry without risk of getting your back wet. They are great for carrying wet and sandy items separate from the rest, to keep them dry and clean too.

Do Not Forget Their Hats For Sun Protection!


Another vitally important item for babies and kids of all ages during the summer months are hats. The sun is a very powerful and rich source of heat but also UVA and UVB rays. They make us tan, but they damage skin and no more so than the sensitive and thinly layered skin of children and babies. Their skin can damage so easily, in less than 20 minutes of strong sunlight, so a hat is a very useful item.

Children Headwear Hat

While any hat will be useful, the extra protection offered by a cap or a bucket hat will be helpful during this time. They are light, comfortable and most of all protect the face or neck with their brims to provide additional coverage on the more sensitive areas of the body. Again there are so many styles and designs to choose from that it will be no problem finding one that they like wearing for the summer season. Allowing them to choose, or to pick from a select range, could be the difference between them wearing their hat because they want to and them throwing it off their head as soon as your back is turned!

Sunscreen and Oils

It is definitely worth mentioning, that it is important to protect your kid’s skin carefully during the sun time. High factor sun screen blocks the sun from damaging their sensitive skin, and ensures that it is kept moisturized at the same time. Look at the sun protection factor and the blocking of UVA and UVB rays.

Also consider the addition of nourishing oils and aloe vera. Perhaps avoid a highly scented version, which might be lovely for adults but can irritate littler ones. These are more important aspects than price or brand. It is always good to have an after-sun lotion or gel on hand to moisturize any skin that has accidentally seen the sun and got red, or any skin that is dry. Naturally cooling, these promote positive repair of the skin as accidents can happen so easily.

For Summer, The Bodysuit is King


Bodysuits are a great item for your baby during the summer months. Sometimes it may be so hot that you want to put them in the bare minimum of clothing options. Bodysuits cover up like a leotard and are fine for a baby with just a diaper underneath. This single layer will help keep them comfortable and cool as much as possible.

Baby Sport BodysuitsThat however does not mean that the bodysuit needs to be plain and boring. You can liven up their bodysuit with so many different styles and designs. Why not consider something highly colorful, such as bold stripes or spots. Equally you might want to bring out their active side with a sports bodysuit. What about choosing one of the big three sports? Whether their favorite is baseball, soccer or football, it will be no problem finding what the like. There are so many types of bodysuit that you will be able to find something that works for your little one no matter what designs are preferred.

Design is one thing but style is quite another. In the summer you have a choice to make between bodysuits that have sleeves that sit on the shoulder, or something with a little less fabric. Tank top bodysuits have all the same kind of benefits and features yet with a tank-style sleeve. This leads to your little one being just that little bit cooler. These look great paired with shorts or skirts for a finished outfit kind of look, yet still with a light and cool top section. You could choose to pair them with a diaper cover if you would like to cover them up in a slightly different way. They offer a cute look that they will love and does not hold them back or restrict in any way. Give your little crawler something cute to wear.

Children Tee

Summer Celebrations

There are some fantastic summer activities that you and your little one will enjoy celebrating during this special season. The 4th of July celebration is a big deal to everyone, as it should be. You can definitely bring home the celebration with some themed clothing. Summer fun and travel are their own kind of theme with plenty of symbols to characterize this great time of year such as sun, sea, sand and a bucket and spade.

It is a great opportunity for your child to celebrate these fantastic activities through their clothing. With themed apparel such as tees and accessories, it gives them a true chance to connect with what is happening outside their window. By wearing some clothing related to these, it is their time to embrace what is happening, no matter how little they are. It is a fun opportunity to be involved and there is no issue if it becomes a favorite that they end up wearing all year round!

The Summer’s Classic


T-shirts have to be the ultimate clothing item for the summer season. It is so great for kids as you can find virtually any design and style to suit their individual tastes. Whether they are little or big, tees are the one thing that really unites them. Any activity, anywhere, they totally work for any outfit combination.

Chlidren TeeAlthough they are traditionally more relaxed, they can also be dressed up with smarter trousers or skirts for an occasion. There are so many types whether they like it funny or cool, picturesque or with a message, there will be what they need. Tees give kids the opportunity to say what they want to say or show off their love for something they like. They are also fantastic for moms as they are so easy to launder. There are no complicated fabrics or extras attached, no hand washing. They are the best all-rounder item for kids. A quick mention definitely needs to be made for moms too though. Expectant moms can get maternity tees that are comfortable and easy to wear. They are such a useful addition to the closet when pregnant.

Tank Top & Dresses

Girls may well want to break from the norm of a t-shirt with something a little different. Sleeveless tank tops offer a cool alternative both in style and design to give more definition. They are good looking and like tees, are practical and easy to wear. As plenty of designs are available, it is no wonder that they are so popular and look fantastic.

Children Dress

It comes as no surprise then that tank dresses might have the same effect. Cool and relaxed wear that looks fantastic, tank dresses are great for bringing something extra to a summer wardrobe. Girls love the additional choices they have over the summer months. It would be sensible to have a couple of each item for her, so she can pick and choose as she wishes. No doubt different pieces will suit at different ends of the summer, so do not be caught short!

Let Their Feet Breath!

Children summer FootwearSummer shoes are quite different to any other season. The shoes are no longer so restrictive as for the other seasons and they are set up to maximize air flow. This is the time that you will see plenty of sandal and flip flop action. Open toes ensure their feet stay cool and refreshed without getting sweaty. On the beach they might benefit from water shoes to keep their feet protected from any rocks and sharp stones or shells.

Everyone loves choosing some brand new summer footwear to show off those toes that have hidden inside for so long! Anything that lets them keep cool and live life to the maximum during this precious time is a big hit with kids. Once you get them in a pair, they will never want to get out of them again.

It Is Summer Inside As Well

Posters & Signs

Bring a breath of fresh air to their room during the summer months with a little change in their space. Introducing some signs and posters within their personal area can give a feeling of something so new. There are plenty of different kinds and sizes of posters available that offer your kid a lovely vision for their space. With pictures, patterns and designs that will lighten and brighten things up, your kid will love it.

Children Summer Signs InitialPosters even look good in baby’s room with pastel shades or cute animal designs. Signs make the most of a room too. Whether it says something funny or cute, or just brings a pretty picture into their area. Whatever they have, it brightens up wallpaper and painted walls to perfection. They will love being in their space from morning until night (and hopefully a little later!).

Pillows & Curtains

Children Pillow

Adding some additional extras to their room will give it a true sense of summer style. Adding some additional soft furnishings can give it a new lease of life. Pillows bring a sweet look that is so great for the kids. This also acts as something really comfy to lean on whilst they are playing and relaxing in their room. You can never have too many cushions and they come in a wide variety of sizes to suit. Whether round, square or rectangular work best, you will be able to find what works best for them.

Throws make a lovely addition to their room too with an extra plush look to chairs and over beds. They can be warmer or lighter depending on the need relating to the heat outdoors. Curtains are so important for the summer to ensure that bright sunlight does not get through into their room at the crack of dawn to wake them up. Investing in some good quality curtains could give your little one a dream-like happiness and offer you a lot more sleep time when you need it.

Comfy Yes, But Always With Style

The summer is a great time to take part in some special activities. If your little one is heading out to parties or summer evening activities, then buzz up their outfits with some gorgeous jewelry. There are so many pieces that can add a little extra to any outfit.

Children jewelry

Perhaps a necklace or a bracelet to bring a little bit of sparkle into their night. Pendants come in so many shapes and sizes and are so delightful. Rings and brooches have just as many lovely options for your little one too. Glitzing up an outfit is a lovely idea for those summer parties and special occasions. Little ones love to dress up and have something that little bit unique. Make the very best of their style by adding a touch of glamour to proceedings!

Final thoughts

The summer is a truly awesome time for your little ones. There are so many different activities to take part in and lots of opportunity for fun and relaxation to enjoy. From time on the beach to outdoor walks and yard fun, there is so much to do that is good. Little ones love to play and the summer is a great time to get out into the world and take up everything it has to offer.

Their wardrobe is an important part of that, but the key thing is to keep it simple. Light and individual pieces, both cool and comfortable to wear, are an excellent start. The same applies to their footwear with supremely comfortable sandals and flip flops that keep the air flowing. Beach wear is a big hit during the summer season and you can expect them to be used again and again. Let their clothing make their summer a time to remember, with plenty of choice that they will want to put on every day.

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